Shweta Mahajan Best Experience At Friend’s Hometown

Read a heart touching story of Shweta Mahajan, while visiting her friend’s house. This is one of the most emotional stories of Shweta Mahajan’s life.

How are you everyone? I hope you all are doing well in your lives. This is very heart touching story of my life, which I will never forget. This is about 2 years back when I was in the college and one of my good friends invited me to her hometown. She was also working as Delhi Escorts with me. That was the time of mid January and her home town was Punjab. The trees were covered with strips of fog like an ice way is going through the green valley. The roads were empty like no one wanted to step out from their houses. The fields were covered with shepherds grazing their cattle. The sun was hidden deep into the sky spreading faded light shining behind of the clouds. Cold breeze was running through my hair whenever I pull out my head from car window. That journey to the destination was amazing like I never felt before. We reached at hometown, aunty gave us warm welcome that was so heart touching and special. She was the women who took care of me like my own mother.  I got very emotional that time but I managed to hold on. My friends brother was very charming and good natured boy although he was not that handsome succeeded but I impressed by his pure and good heart. He was tall, dark with beard and pure heart person. I still remember that moment when I was standing on the roof top and he arrived with sad face, sat on the wall of terrace. I asked,” Hey why are you sad”? He said, “Nothing,” in low voice. Finally he told me that his girlfriend broke up him because he didn’t gift him an Iphone. I felt really bad for him. I console him. And he started crying like a small little baby, I felt very bad for him. He was feeling so close to me  so we have done lots of talks I asked about him he also asked about me. I told him that I am working as Independent Delhi Escorts. He hadn’t any issue about my profession. Even he was so enthuseas about my work as Delhi Escorts Services. So I told him lots of about me, my profession and Delhi Call Girls. Now coming back on the point I would say that trip was the best trip of my life. I found a loyal friend who could never cheat me. Yes, I am talking about my friend’s brother. He is the most pure hearted person I have ever seen. I feel very bad that right now I am not in contact of that friend because he proposed me but I denied his offer and told him to live his life in a good way with a good girl. I had lot of fun while staying there but I miss him a lot. I had lot of memory with him which I never imagined in my life ever.

हर दिन एक नया सरप्राइज होता है, लेकिन हम न उसे महसूस कर सकते है न देख सकते है। हमे हमेशा अपने दिल की सुननी चाहिए क्योंकि दिमाग गलत हो सकता है मगर दिल नहीं । ज़िंदगी हमे कई मौके देती है मगर मौका वो अच्छा होता है जिसका हम अच्छे से इश्तेमाल कर सके ।

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